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PAC, the Polenesia Arts and Cultural Foundation, was created in 2011 to connect, educate, inspire, and empower Polynesians


PAC Foundation's mission is to connect Polynesians through the perpetuation of Polynesian arts and culture, sports, health and indigenous resources.


PAC Foundation's vision is to see the revitalization of Polynesian arts and culture through best practices.

PAC Foundation Goals

Education, Stimulate Economic Development, Preservation of the Arts and Culture

"After attending a meeting in Washington for the Administration of Native American Indians, an inspiration to further and uplift our Polynesian brother and sisters both academically and spiritually came to mind.  By being awarded monies through grants and the Office of Hawaiian Affairs, the Polenesia Arts and Culture Foundation (PAC Foundation) was born. 

-Kealiʻi Lum

President, PAC Foundation

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Meet The Team

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Kealiʻi T. Lum


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Kawika McKeague

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Shona Peterson

Screen Shot 2019-07-26 at 3.12.12 PM.png

Keola Ryan

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Alohanani Jamias

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