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The preservation of our Polynesian cultures rests on our ability to educate our future generations.  We are constantly looking for ways to expand educational opportunities for all by creating more centers in which people can gather and learn about Polynesian arts and culture. Our team is currently working with community partners to develop programs for eager learners enticed by cultural knowledge. Lastly, we hope to empower members of the next generation by connecting individuals with mentors that will help to develop their passions and potential in various fields. We also hope to support those seeking higher educational opportunities by providing scholarships for students with pursuits aimed towards helping our Polynesian people to flourish.

Preservation of arts and culture

The preservation of Polynesian arts and culture is the driving force that informs the decisions and partnerships that we make. Art and culture, which encompasses language, protocol, religion, stories, and more, are what ground us in our past so that we can make informed decisions that help us to create a better future for all.  Through language, food, oral histories, genealogical origin stories, religions, and our connection to the world, we unite ourselves as a Polynesian race. Together we will continue with our community partners to ensure this knowledge be accessible for years to come.

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